Google cardboard iphone

Google Cardboard is te gebruiken met iPhone. De Google Cardboard iPhone apps zijn te downloaden in de app store. Hieronder een bericht van 9to5Mac over Google Cardboard met iPhone.

Google cardboard iPhone

Wanneer je Google Cardboard met iPhone 5 gebruikt, is het beste om er een hoesje omheen te doen.



Google Cardboard iPhone

If you’re not familiar with Google Cardboard, it’s one of the most affordable and portable VR headsets to date. It’s a very simple creation in terms of design and functionality, but provides a solid look into the future of technology without breaking the bank. Why? Because it’s made almost entirely of cardboard.

Google unveiled Cardboard at I/O 2014, but unfortunately, it was designed with Android devices in mind. The official Cardboard app is nowhere to be found on the App Store, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Google may not care much about iOS as a platform, but stereoscopic 3D is nothing new. In fact, there is a good handful of apps available for iOS that are also compatible with Google Cardboard…

Recently, I came across an article on CNET that showcased a group of iOS apps that are compatible with Google Cardboard iPhone. These apps weren’t actually designed with Cardboard in mind, but they were made to work with VR headsets (stereoscopic content), specifically the Durovis Dive, which is essentially a premium version of Cardboard that was announced back in January at CES 2014. All of this hardware is aimed at developers, but as more start creating new apps, consumers will be able to benefit from VR hardware (or “cardware” as I like to call it) as well.

For a closer look at using Cardboard with iOS/iPhone, check out the video below:

Virtually any iOS app that was designed to work with the Durovis Dive will work with Google Cardboard. There are only about five apps worth checking out at this point, but as the demand rises I’m sure other developers will jump on board and craft better VR experience apps. The best way to find compatible apps at the moment is by searching for “Durovis” or “Durovis Dive” on the App Store. Either of those terms will pull up a variety of apps that were designed to work with VR headsets/Google Cardboard iPhone.

If you have Cardboard and an iPhone (or 5th gen iPod touch), you should download any of the free Google Cardboard iPhone apps below and give it a shot: